Friday, October 22, 2010

A Message From Commissioner Patrick

Hey Gang!

I've got a couple of closing announcements and then I'll get to all the sappy stuff but I'll try and keep it brief (I promised myself I wouldn't cry...).

-we at the NYBD commission would love to hear any suggestions and thoughts on the event that you guys have, we promise to not share it with anyone else so be honest about what you liked and what you didn't.  Suggestions to make things run better are always welcome.

-spread the word!  next year we hope to have a bigger, better event with the same good vibes of the first.  Tell all your friends that play to sign up, tell all your friends that don't play to come party, tell your mom, tell your spouse, tell your pets...  Also be sure to keep checking in with the blog and facebook pages to keep in touch with the rest of the gang, see pics and movies from draft night and get the latest in NYBD news.

-there are still quite a few t-shirts available, they go for 10 bucks up pop and are quite nice.  In fact I'm wearing one right now and it's like I'm wearing the gentle caress of a warm spring wind.  Just email this address if you or anyone you know would like one, the proceeds go to the NYBD 2010 winners "The Yokos" (NYBD commission is a not for profit outfit).

Finally I'd like to say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart.
The level of musicianship, creativity and character of everyone who participated impresses me more and more every time I think about it, you guys are some very talented people.
It's because of the effort and spirit that you put into this event that has brought it to life.
I hope you all had a great experience, words can't express how grateful we are to you for participating in this with us.

That being said,
hope see each and every one of you in next year's NYBD!
As always with love,

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