Thursday, October 7, 2010

Captains Log, Week 2: Team Mikey(The Hardcore Jollies)

Dear band draft participants,
     This is Mikey D, the team captain of the Hardcore Jollies.  I am writing this open letter to inform you of the diabolical farce being initiated by a commissioner of the New York Band Draft, namely Carsten Vogel.

     I joined the Draft with the belief that this event would celebrate the collective creativity of a group of New York City  musicians.  The  prospect of composing new music with an unknown mixture of musical talent was immediately enticing to me.  I excitedly  signed on as a coach.  My responsibilities included choosing band members, scheduling practices, and essentially being the leader of a band.  I was, and still am committed to the spirit and freedom of this endeavor.  However, unforeseen circumstances have caused me to doubt my actions and involvement in this event.   To me it seems that the integrity of this project has been skewed.
     I initially envisioned using my newly formed band as a platform to educate the masses about an often overlooked political struggle just a few miles north of our great nation.  For decades the Québécoise, have been struggling to free themselves from their Kanadian oppressors.  Quebecoise culture is STILL being over run by imperialist, English speaking folk of British descent.  Front de Liberation Quebecois (Quebec Liberation Front, or FLQ) will fight until every last drop of their blood has been consumed in the battle for their freedom to speak French, and other stuff.

    Being American, and used to freedom of speech and religion, I initially found it disturbing that my band mate, Carsten Vogel, disputed my operatic and lyrical blog stylings on this particular subject.  It did not take long for me to realize that Carsten is a Fascist, a Communist and Free Speech killing Nazi.  It seems to me that he is stifling the rights that ANY American NYC Band Draft member should be embracing.
Now, because of Carsten, my band has been reduced to writing songs that insult the mothers of our opponents, and insulting homosexuals.  I just might quit now.  I don't think that I'm cool with this anymore.

Is this fucking funny or am i just drunk again?

Saturday 8pm right?

Mikey D
Captain of The Hardcore Jollies

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