New York Band Draft Prizes

As you all know, the New York Band Draft is a battle of the bands. You have all been working hard to write some amazing music and win the big prize but as of yet we have not announced how who wins will be decided and what you will win. Well, here it is.

Best Band:
      NYBD’s “Best Band” will win the cash collected at the door plus all of the leftover cash from the entrance fee. The winner will be determined by a combination of three things (1) crowd response, (2) draftee vote, and (3) judges.

We, The Commissioners, realize that what “Best Band” truly means is a question of the ages so we leave it up to you, the draftees, judges, and crowd. We imagine you will consider things like stage presence, quality of songs, the look of the band, how aroused they make you... Voting will happen in the following ways:

1)   Crowd Response-This will be determined at the end of the night using an applausometer (aka a decibel meter).
2)   Draftee votes –This will be done in a blind vote by ballot also at the end of the night. Every Draftee is required to vote and may not vote for their band. Judges will ensure that the rules are followed.
3)   Judges- Our esteemed judges will be voting on your performances between each set. They’re scores will be tallied at the end of the night and combined with the results of the Draftee votes and crowd response to give us our overall “Best Band.”

Best Single:

            NYBD’s “Best Single” is a prize awarded to the band with the best original song and will be voted on by the Draftees on the same ballot as “Best Band.” The winner of “Best Single” will win an amazing recording session at the famous Nut House Recording Studios. There, you will record the song of your choosing. Again, all draftees are required to vote and may not vote for their band’s songs.

Best Band Name:

            The prize for Best Band Name is getting to choose when your band will perform on Super Bowl Night! But don’t panic just yet if your band name sucks.

We, The Commission, have employed state of the art technology to help us decide who will win this awesome prize. Please visit our Blog at to vote. The voting has already begun and will close at 8 pm on the night of the NYBD Super Bowl Event. Anyone can vote so start telling your friends to vote for your band name and invite them to our show while you are at it.