Monday, October 4, 2010

Captains Log, Week 1: Team Masta Shredda

My fellow Music Geeks,
I've noticed most captains go in depth with there logs but I'm just going to keep it plain and simple.
With only 2 band practices slayed, we've probably laid down more ideas and creative bondness then
any other teams in my opinion. If i sounded to egotistical on this one, then bring it on bitch!
Our first practice started immediately after the band draft night, wasting no time...we gathered at the batcave.
Once safely inside we brainstormed for a few and kaboom.. magick glistened.

Now This is how we roll(s).
Jay's Beautiful bass line melodies enables me to Shred at maximum "Kill-Zone" velocities at all times.
He actually nicknamed my guitar playing a 'dyslexic angry cookie monster. OMNOMNOM NOM NOM NUMMMANOM'
Mike's punchy hard "Metal Up Your Ass" rhythms and bluesy Cock rock solos melts peoples faces.
Ryan's smooth calm Indie jazzy guitarisms give Satan inspired overtones.
Vici's vox and lyrics make everything so much prettier with enormous balls
gettin' Dragged and less guitar Wankery driven. Dragonforce anyone? 
Ozzie's animal driven Drum-Gasms  blends together nicely while make you unaware you contracted music aids.

Until next time,
-Shredda out-

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