Friday, October 1, 2010

Captains Log, Week 1: Team Miwa

To whom it may concern,
I was told to report the progress of the team for our first week and I'm happy to report that it has been very much hopeful.
Our first meeting was a casual and a festive one.  We discussed deeply on the issue of our musical direction.  I was rather nervous at first since we all seem to come from a very different background.  Mr. Stock was of the opinion that we should go with something like "Fame," and as a matter of fact he announced that he already has a costume picked out at his favorite American Apparel store.  I'm afraid that didn't go down so well with Mr. Zillito, since he has a strong feeling towards "Jersey Boys," as he is from the said Garden state.  They were on the verge of passionate argument when Ms. Cantrel skyped in from England to express how we all should go in the direction of "Les Mis" because "everything else is a Disney musical disaster," she added.  Mr. Carlson was much disturbed by this as he wanted to create something along the line of "the Lion King," but we somehow managed to soothe his feeling with Mr. Roe's homemade pizzas.  I have a sneaky suspicion that he made those pizzas so he can score a good role in the musical, but if that was his intention, I'm afraid to say that it worked.  Mr. Roe's opinion was that we should be like "Blue Men Group," to which Mr. Stock kindly informed that "it doesn't qualify as a musical."  Though he was disappointed, Mr. Roe quickly recovered and suggested "Mama Mia" which turns out his favorite musical in the whole wide world.
The whole night ended very amicably, all of us agreeing to have our first studio practice on Wed. Sep. 29th.

As a captain, I'm ready to bring a few "Mary Poppins"-like tunes to the table.  And also through google I found out that "Grey Gardens" and "Jane Eyre" have been turned into musicals, the prospect of which made my heart skip a beat or two!  We are starting our practice session with a tap dance warm-up, followed by jazzercize and then a discussion on acting methods (not to be confused with method acting).  Mr. Stock has informed me that he will show up in his shocking pink unitard - which is totally uncalled for - but we all appreciate his enthusiasm very much.

By our final night, we should be able to wow you all with our six part harmonies and choreographed dance moves.

Until then, yours always,

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