Friday, October 8, 2010

Captains Log, Week 2: Team Christian (Thank You, Dr. Zizmor)

          I gotta tell ya: I absolutely hate it when an ugly chick sits next to me on the train, especially at the ass-crack of dawn while I'm on the way to another mundane day of work. It's bad enough my mode of mass transit early in the morning doubles as a night time pee-box for the homeless; now I have to spend the majority of the ride with some girl who looks like she's been beaten relentlessly with a bag of nickels? Not to mention how hairy and slutty she appears: I'm willing to bet her muff looks like Albert Einstein eating London Broil.

          That being said, it was nice to be back at KK for another Band Draft rehearsal. Things are staring to come together somewhat. I don't know much about what the other teams are up to (I'll assume they're all sounding pretty good though; everyone in Band Draft has a lot to bring to the table), but team 'Thank You, Doctor Zizmor' is starting to get a little more laid back with each other. I even let one rip the other night (it was one of those "machine gun" ones where it sounds like the opening of a 1940's Dick Tracy movie), which signifies that I must be getting comfortable with my group. Fuck, they should feature me on NOVA.

Who dropped off the ugly bus in front of the train station anyway?


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