Friday, August 26, 2011

NYBD 2011 Kicks Off September 24th!!!


New York Band Draft season is about to kick off and The Commission is very happy to be bringing you this very exciting news about this year’s event.

The venues have been booked and they are awesome! They are as follows:

-Draft Night!!!!, Saturday, September 24th, 8pm.

 *****This date is a different date than the one mentioned in the first e-mail so please double-check your calendars******

This year’s draft night will be held at Freddy’s Backroom and Bar! If you don’t know Freddy’s you are in for a treat! Esquire magazine voted Freddy’s one of the best bars in America and Time Out NY said, “It’s possible that Freddy’s is as near a perfect saloon experience as you’ll ever encounter.” They promise to help “blow it up” with major media outreach as well!

Freddy’s Bar, 627 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. between 17th and 18th street.
Subway: R to Prospect Avenue in Brooklyn
Bus: B63 to 5th Ave & Prospect Ave

- Conference Finals!!!!, Friday and Saturday, October 21st and 22nd, 8pm.

This year we are running two simultaneous “conferences” to accommodate more people (because that’s more awesomer). Each conference will have their own competition, and the winners of each conference will then meet the following week for the Super Bowl. You will only play in one of these conference events depending on what conference you are drafted to which you will find out on Draft Night.

The guys at King Killer Studio have been nice enough to offer their space for both conference finals and we are going to pimp that awesome warehouse space out with awesome sound and lights AND KEGS!!!! That’s right, this event is going to be a keg party with some of the coolest musicians in New York!! There will be a 5$ charge at the door for those not performing and a cup will cost you 5 bucks as well.

King Killer Studio, 69 2nd Avenue, Brooklyn N.Y., between 8th and 9th street.
Subway: F or G to 4th Ave stop, OR the R to 9th Ave stop.
Bus: Commissioner Pat loves the bus but I say fuck it!

-NYBD Super Bowl Event!!!!, Saturday, October 29th, 7 pm.

We couldn’t possibly ignore the birthplace of our awesome idea and the bar that has been so generous with us in the past so this year we are happy to announce that the end all be all performance night, the big momma, the quintessential moment, THE SUPER BOOOOOOWWWLLLLL will happen at Fontana’s Bar!!!!

At this event the two best bands from each conference will battle it out for pride, braggin’ rights, first and second place, facial discracials and…oh yeah….A TON OF COLD, HARD CASH!!!! Last year we raised nearly 800 bucks for the winning band. This year we’ve got twice the number of participants, so you do the math!!! You could be taking home some serious cashola!

By the way, October 29th is the Saturday before Halloween, which promises to make this year’s Super Bowl extravaganza extra festive. What better way to celebrate Halloween than with the illustrious participants of NYBD? Did someone say costume contest?

Fontana’s Bar, 105 Eldridge Street, New York, N.Y., between Broome and Grand street
Subway: B or D trains to Grand Street, F or J trains to Delancey street.
Bus: Commissioner Pat loves the bus but I say fuck it!

-Important Stuff

-Registration—We ask that participants register by September 9th to assure that the commission has enough time to accommodate you. The registration fee is ten dollars that you are asked to give to us by Draft Night. Your ten bucks gets you another awesome shirt this year that we hope will be black and silver. Any left over cash will go towards making the event better or to the winning band/bands. 

*******Extremely Important*******
This year our event is much more ambitious. We need your help getting our goal of 80 players involved. Please spread the word to any and all of your friends immediately to help us recruit some new blood! You can help out by forwarding this e-mail to anyone you think may be interested. I have also created a short synopsis of what NYBD is all about that should help to explain what we do here to newbie’s.  It can be found on our blog. Please direct anyone who may be interested in participating there.

- Captains—We are currently accepting nominations for Captain. Please feel free to nominate yourself as well. The Commissioners will choose willing Captains in the coming weeks so please help us out pronto.

- Da Blog—The blog is up and running!!! The blog is your primary source of information regarding NYBD. This includes rules, how the event works, personnel, captain’s logs, photos, music, voting for band names and all that jazz. Last year we had an amazing 9,500+ hits in one month! This year we are going to monetize that shit and make some money (and give it to you!!)!!! Please visit the blog regularly for updates. Here’s the link.

-The Face Book Page—The old FB page is going to be replaced with a new one. Please DO NOT post to the old page. We will send out the name of the new page just as soon as we set it up.

­Rules of Competition—NYBD 2011 will be run in a very similar way to last year’s event with some minor changes. Please use the Blog’s “archive” tab to access the rules (Click on the September tab to find them). We will not be providing a free practice space this year because it was a source of much discontent (for which I take full responsibility for and apologize for). There will be some additional requirements for the four bands that make it to The Super Bowl. You will be notified of these new and exciting tasks just as soon as we have worked out all of the details. Winners will be decided in a similar way to last year but we may tweak the process a bit to streamline it. You will receive notification of any changes via the blog.

That is all for now. Thanks for reading this entire e-mail. Remember to help us recruit as that is THE MOST IMPORTANT TASK LEFT TO BE TAKEN CARE OF. Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns at any time during NYBD 2011. My email address is

Commissioner Carsten

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