Monday, October 4, 2010

Captains Log, Week 2: Team Phil (MAME)

       Still more musical mastery was demonstrated by the team this week aswe completed revisions on the album's worth of material created thefirst week. Matty used his background in psycholinguistics and cognitive science to guide the group in interpreting my jumbled ramblings into a new composition. Mary Ann cheered us all up after the rest of us began to weep in fear of never writing music that could match the profundity of Anne's new lyrical concept, "honey badger."

        Once completing the material side of rehearsal, we cleansed our psyches and all consumed a freshly brewed concoction of the ayahuasca vine. During the spiritual journey that commenced, a strange consciousness spoke to us, referring to our groupmind as 'MAME' and promising that the true meaning of this soubriquet would be revealed to us in time.

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