Sunday, October 30, 2011

And the Winners Are...

Best Band - Sashes  Sapphire Velvet Zaffre

Best Song - Old Dutch "Party Bus"

Best Cover -Duckface and The Freedom Fisters "White Rabbit"

Best Beasties - The Prima Donner Party

Best Costumes - Sashes Sapphire Velvet Zaffre

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NYBD Super Bowl 2011!!!!

What?   NYBD Super Bowl 2011!!!!!!
When?   Saturday October 29th @                 8pm-12am.
Where?  The Rock Shop, 249 4th Ave. 
Brooklyn          N.Y. 11215.
Who?    Duckface and the Freedom
Fisters, The Donner Party, Party 
Helicopter Gang, Sashes Sapphire 
Velvet Zaffre, Old Dütch

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Super Bowl Assignments

Those bands in the winners' circle have a few additional assignments which they will be judged on. 

1) No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn- Every band in the winners' circle will perform the hit by those funky white boys from Brooklyn. 

2) Costume Contest- You gotta dress to impress. Judges will be looking for the band with the best costumes.

3) Promotion Contest- This is a biggy. The band that brings the most people to the Super Bowl will get to choose when they play in the line up. The remaining order will be decided via rock paper scissors. 

See you at the Rock Shop on October 29th at 8 pm. Show starts at 9 sharp so don't be late! I can't wait!!!!!

NYBD 2011 Winners' Circle

Congrats to the winners of the conference finals. If you won best band, runner up or wild card, we'll see you perform at the Rock Shop in one week!!!!


Best Band
Sashes Sapphire Velvet Zaffre

Runner Up
The Prima Donner Party

Wild Card
The Party Helicopter Gang

Best Cover
The Glass-Steagall  Act - "Sir Duke"


Best Band:

Duckface and the Freedom Fisters

Runner Up:

Old Dütch

Best Cover
Duckface and the Freedom Fisters - "White Rabbit"

The Dixie Dicks - "Africa"

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NYBD Conference Finals This Weekend!! Open to the public!!!

Friday Oct. 21st and Saturday 22nd,  8pm, King Killer Studio, 69 2nd Ave. Brooklyn!!!!

Come watch the NYBD conference finals and vote for the band that you think is best!!!!!

Judges are announced!

Alright, here are the people who's assess you should be kissing from now till NYBD 2011

NYBD 2011 Conference Finals: Friday and Saturday October 21-22, 8pm-Midnight, King Killer  
     -Johnny Blaze-Illustrious bass player for The Rakehells
     -Miwa Gemini-Esteemed NYBD Captain of 2010's winning team "The Yokos."
     -James Graham- Award winning photographer

Saturday October 29th, NYBD 2011 Super Bowl, Rock Shop
     -Miwa Gemini-Esteemed NYBD Captain of 2010's winning team "The Yokos."
     -James Graham-Award winning photographer
     -Brendan Boeckelman- Knower of all, slinger of drinks, hearer of woes.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Captain's Log: Party Helicopter Gang

Captain's Log: Party Helicopter Gang 

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who party and those who get in the way of those who party. This is the core philosophy of Party Helicopter Gang, a sick party band bent on world party domination. The PHG won't stop until their vision of a party world is fully realized. They party hard so that they can live in a world where the only sickness people feel is that of a strawberry daiquiri/ Pina Colada induced hangovers, where the chirping of birds is replaced by Van Halen riffs played so loud it forces 'squares (you know who you are)' to drop their spread sheets and pick up a hand full of jalapeno triscuits, neon glow tubes, and a large red, blue, orange, white, or yellow drink with a chunk of fruit and a twisty straw in it. A world where the term 'fist pump' is used as a noun, verb, and adjective and clocks are really just pepperoni pizzas nailed to the wall. To understand the peculiar vision of these party people it is imperative that we meet the partiers themselves.

Fiesta Man (rhythm guitar)
Things don't start out well for Fiesta Man as he is arrested in Tijuana for mistaking a sequined covered donkey as a pinata. Thus, he was sent to Buzz kill State penitentiary. BKSP is run by the ruthless Officer Bad Times. It is in BKSP where Fiesta man meets his future partner in partying Dance Traxx.

Dance Traxx (lead guitar)
Dance Traxx, a party prisoner was sentenced to a life term in BKSP for severe party crimes. As legend has it, Dance Traxx started a food fight in middle school that was so righteously ill that it is still raging to this day. The food fight in question now occupies the time and energy of the National Guard 24/7 all around the world. Potato salad is now a class-1 weapon.
Fiesta Man met Dance Traxx through the prison party circuit.

The Party Helicopter
Having decided that two people simply isn't a party, Fiesta man and Dance Traxx decide to bust out of 'the joint'. It wasn't long before they were able to high jack a BKSP helicopter by scalding the prison guards with burning hot liquid cheese and subduing them with silly string. They made a hasty retreat to party island in the newly christened Party Helicopter. Fiesta Man and Dance Traxx re-wired the party helicopter to have party GPS that alerted Fiesta Man and Dance Traxx to any party within a 500 million mile radius. With Spud 'Spudz' Mackenzie the party dog in the pilot's seat the Party Helicopter flew off in to the night leaving behind a trail of empty potato chip bags and discarded tiki cups. Officer Bad Times took the prison escape as a personal affront and vowed revenge on Fiesta Man and Dance Traxx.
FunGasm (drums)
It was here in the Party Helicopter that Fiesta Man spotted below a taco truck rocking back and forth. After hearing the sick beats coming from the taco truck Fiesta Man and Dance Traxx spewed a giant wad of colorful, yet tastefully looking confetti from their 'party vessels'. 'Dude! I just had a FunGasm!' They said to each other in unison. The driver of the taco truck was promptly recruited and named FunGasm.

PartyTron (a.k.a-MurderTron) (Bass/Harmonies)
No sooner did FunGasm step on to the party helicopter did it start to shake violently. Were they under attack? Yes indeed. It was that bothersome MurderTron, a robot from the future sent by Lieutenant Bad Times (he makes lieutenant in the future). 'He seems to be shooting bad vibe rays at us' exclaimed Fiesta Man. Dance Traxx, being the quickest on his feet, uses the twizzler ropes that were lying around to tie up MurderTron. He was then forced on to the chopper and made to be a P.O.P. (a prisoner of partying) of the PHG. Without a moment to spare, MurderTron was surrounded by large boom boxes and subdued with ill part jams, buffalo-wing flavored Doritos, choco-chip cookies, spiked fruit punch, and party girls with brightly colored tube tops and shapely figures. Once the party-morphosis was complete MurderTron was no more. In his place, was PartyTron. Incensed at the transformation of his most diabolical robot henchman, lieutenant Bad Times vowed once more to crush the PHG and rid the world of parties once and for all.

Lady Good Times (voice)
After rocking 100 parties in just two days, the Party Helicopter crashed in a haze of blue smoke, though not before they made it to a mechanic. But this wasn't just any mechanic; this was a chick, man! and her name was Mango. While Mango worked on the Party Helicopter the PHG had a secret party meeting. 'I bet this chick wants to party' exclaimed Fiesta Man. But she's kind of uptight' replied PartyTron. 'Yeah, she needs to get 'Frito Layed' agreed Dance Traxx. 'Just leave it to me guys' said FunGasm.
As FunGasm laid down some sick-ass-beats the PHG whipped out their 'instruments' and played some party rock music so dirty it would make Anne Morgan blush. This caught Mango's attention. Any inhibitions Mango had felt in the past had now disappeared. Under the spell of the party vibe Mango moved in a way that made the PHG's 'party vessels' swell and smolder. 'This Mango chick is ripe and she knows how to have a good time' observed PartyTron. From then on, Lady Good Times was born.

So that's how this band of merry miscreants came to be. They continued to party an average of fifty parties per day. This is, until the buzz-killing Officer Bad Times tried to put a stop to the festivities. To find out what happens next in this saga be sure to check us out in person at King Killer Studios this Friday night.

Captain's Log, Sashes Sapphire Velvet Zaffre

I wuv this band, and we all wuv each other.

We decided to have brunch before practice today. Great location, great food, great company. It was a beautiful autumn day. Reasons why I am enjoying this process a lot:

-our band hit it off right away
-these guys are great musicians
-lots of laughter and stories to share
-I am growing as a musician
-I am becoming a better team player
-I made new friends
-so much love for each other
-we work really well together. Really really well.
-we have the same sense of humor
-we can turn a penis into a face

Much love,
Debbie (Sashes Sapphire Velvet Zaffre)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Captain's Log Week 3, Prima Donner Party

Second and Third leg combo:

                                                 Much distance covered due to a solid crew committed to figuring out the final destination via hook, line, or sinker.
For instance, a little less than a fortnight ago Sweet Lou played a Neil Young / Brooklyn Basement Dirge, Handsome Frank, using his past skills as a Construcion Laborer of the Island de Long, hammer-fucked a 4 on the floor snare with a 2 X 4, while JackSUNville Moz slithered and slipped his way into the groove swamp style, but with enough clarity to hear, find, and see his fellow northern bed buddies Lenard Skinard's remains through the thickets of Gillsburg, Mississippi on 10/20/77 based on a DMT Trip he took in 09' that brought him there  - it was only a 5 minute trip, but worth it. Look what he came up with. The only lass on this crew, Our Virgin Whore added some sexy, delicioso ah's, whoos, and Heartbreaks. She's our Cherry-on-Top without the busted nut yall.' Finally, Hardcore Melody Maker Carstov made a case for Big Baby to abandon ship with his hampered white soul R an' B / Weiland Shoonnanigans and get it on with some street rock - a flavor that's hard to acquire these days due to the many Starfucks, American Are-Sterilz, and Bed, Bath, and Beyonce's Bed Bugs that have long since replaced solid state street whores, flop houses, and a switch blade or two my jigga - REGARDLESS - it is a direction that fits even if it is a vintage voice that's hard to find - shopper's beware. Soho anyone?

                                                 WHO will we be mimicing, honoring, or pissing on? That is the question that still lingers aboard this ship. The Namesake, The Prima Donner Party came easy via democracy y voting. This other thing, this Moby Dick of a Whale, this Old Man and the Sea Struggle is much more difficult to navigate around with the Sands of Time 80% full as of tonight. If we had more sea time before our arrival at Kingdom Killer Entities in Broken Land perhaps we could have gone with an Africa's Toto, a Mick Fleetwood's and John Macvie's brand name tune, a Christopher Cross Spirtual like Sailing, a Gloria DD'd Patti chant, an Gee n' Are driven tale paying homage to the Babylon City or Sweet Daughter or Yours golden years, a Sentimental Jerney by Bob Welch de Gape Juicce, any of those. BUT ALAS, we DO have some gems here to scrounge through tomorrow - worldwide known gems that could, should and shall raise the level of human consciousness to a degree of bliss for 4 or 5 minutes - just like DMT............

The Dixie Dicks Captain's Log Week 1

Captain's Log Week 1, Jay Sharp

Luck was on my side @ Freddy's Back Room when I picked 4 talented, driven individuals to create my band. Fate would have it that three of them work  at Guitar Center. Still, none of us had ever played together.

We weren't able to meet up right away, Pete was in L.A. playing the premiere for a new Adult Swim show his Early Man bandmate is doing the music for and Siraj had to go to Pennsylvania to get his violin so I decided to shit-talk all the other bands on Facebook to kill time and make me feel better about myself.

I was initially concerned about meshing a drummer who's stats said he liked to play reggae with a metal-head and a bass player who likes three part harmonies. Did I mention Siraj plays violin in our band? 

Our first idea (in an attempt to upstage the mOrgans) was to pull out our cocks and wear two (2!) strap-on dildos on our foreheads- therefore coming up with our first rejected band-name "Fifteen Dicks". We all got a little camera shy when it came time for the photo shoot.  We decided to shelf that idea along with my fantabulous idea to cover "I want to know what love is" by Foreigner. 

At first, we all wanted to be a Williamsburg band, but when we realized we could all actually play our instruments we started rehearsing in Astoria, but of course we were run out by all the yuppies who had just moved there from Park Slope. It was pretty clear, we were going to be a Manhattan band.

Step one was to hold a band meeting. Where would we hold it?
My mom and dad's house in Florida was out, so Siraj volunteered to hold it at his crib in midtown.

NYC- home of rats the size of cats and dogs the size of… things that are generally much smaller than dogs. NY, home of the best rock band known to man, the Strokes. New York, where Alicia Keys and Jay-Z can turn a lame song from 1968 and turn it into a number one billboard single. NY: where the band formerly known as Fifteen Dicks was to rehearse.

After discussing what side of Manhattan has the best Heroin, we jumped in our windowless van filled with candy and chloroform and sang along to the first (blue) Weezer album in our best Barry Gibbs voices. We drove off into the NY Band Draft sunset- on course to RAWK!

We will know more about our sound next week.

Poindexter Twinklebottom aka Jay

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Captain Log Week 2, Daz KEGELZ!

Captain's Log, "Daz KEGELZ!", Week 2
    You know, while studying NYBD stats sheet and scanning draftee photos, I thought I was getting a teddy bear in Joe Haines.  Turns out that the guy is as straight as a frickin' arrow!!  Talk about false advertising...sheesh.
    Anyhoo...surely you can imagine the challenges in the process of writing 2.5 songs in 3.5 weeks with five specimens of vast influences, under vast influences, of different approaches, philosophies, even different generations, who have come together in a very unnatural way (you should all try it sometime!).
    However, as rehearsal discussions flow from size 30G bras to the unexpected, yet very real fear of almost getting murdered by rural Russian drug manufacturers, we have, among all our differences, discovered some common ground.  And that would be a strong appreciation of the benefits, the pleasure - and potential DANGER - of a robust muscular system.
    And so, with this, I introduce to you, "Daz  KEGELZ!"   Come experience the asphyxiation of our iron-clad grip!  Do YOU have the BALLS to enter?!?
    Beagles, bagels, /KEE-gulz/, /KAY-gulz/.....we honestly don't give a sh*t HOW you pronounce it, just as long as we hear you screaming our name on OCTOBER 21 at King Killer Studios, bringing
us one step closer to FONTANA's on October 29!!!

   Yours grippingly,

   ~ Daz KEGELZ! ~ 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Team 6 Captains Log, Week 2

"After the first 2 practices in the first week, everyone in my band has already become a zombie. All we wanted was blood. YES YOUR BLOOD!!!!"

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Captain's Log Week 1, Susan

October 1, 2011

     If there were a NYBD prize for eye candy, such as "Band with the Cutest Boys", we'd totally have that one in the bag.  But it's not about that.  It's an institution where Keith Richards and G.G. Allin and and Joey Ramone - and even Lyle Lovett - have had their days in the spotlight.  So I guess this topic can be shelved for now and re-addressed during America's Next Top Model, Male Rockstar Edition.  New York Band Draft *is*, in fact, about rocking out (tho' not with our c*cks out...yet) and THAT we definitely started to do within 48 hours of Draft Night.

     Although each broke drastically enroute to Freddy's that fateful night, those glittery ruby platform disco slippers truly brought me enough luck to draw #3, which, in turn, allowed me to draft the most talented, cooperative, respectful and witty bandmates I could've ever hoped for!  Kind of like getting shat on by a bird.

     A few weeks ago I could've been quoted as saying that I don't care about the competition element.  I don't really care about winning, just as long as we do our best and there's some personal growth. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.......  Yeah.  F*ck all that.  I've evicted Pollyana from my physical vessel and now I want to win.

     We have a bandmate that appears to be able to fix anything = guitar tech / bass tech / amp tech.  We also have one that believes that 440 tuning promotes brainwashing and therefore tunes everything to 442.  We have one that's willing to drive 2.5 hours one-way to rehearsal....oh, wait - that's all the same guy.  Two group decisions that I feared would be the most difficult to reach, now seem that they'll slide down quite easily -- the enteric-coated pills of "Band #3".  We haven't yet chosen a name for our band, but have tossed around a few ideas that have almost brought me to tears of joy.

    These men are spewing out tasty licks left and right.  If I may offer an anonymous quote from rehearsal, "This is the kind of riff that would give you Herpes in Williamsburg"....and that, I trust, is a promising sign from the rock gods!


Feline NYC

Captain's Log Week 1, Ben

Aye Aye mates, as we ship away into week number 1 of ye captain's blog can you imagine what it will sound like, or (depending on the weather) look like in four weeks? Who knows at this stage of the course........No idea, except that the ideas can come and come they did tonight. Set sail with a game plan to perhaps model our sound after _________ _______ , _____ ____ _____, and *&%, with a hearty dose of blank and blank.............actually tasted that sound tonight, with starting chords, progressions, and little licks going round the sphere of Team #7 - what a precious little motley crew bouncing sounds around......even Handsome Frank abandoned his bread and butter to join us tonight - a full house indeed - 6 in all, packed to the gills with aspirations of Helody and Marmony with a dose of balls deep dark meat. After the Sabbath, we land at The Volger Hamstead in Old Norweigia to head up a meeting of the minds yet again - May we make peace with whatever lightening we are attempting to catch..........The sand is pouring on ye hour with a heavy hand......

           - Captain Molly HatchIt

Benjy Simborski