Saturday, September 24, 2011

Game On!!!

Team #1- Oct. 22nd. Conference Final

Thomas Mann, Captain
Anne Morgan
Osvaldo Martinez
Daniel Fern
Matt Baca

Team #2 - Oct. 22nd. Conference Final

Brad Crosby, Captain
Mike Morales
Dennis Dominick
Margit Christenson
Nima Beckie

Team #3 - Oct. 21st. Conference Final

Susan Potoroka, Captain
Joe Haines
Jake Holbrook
Adrian Innaimo
Mike Seymour

Team #4 - Oct. 22nd. Conference Final

Evan Schwartz, Captain
Leo Montedesco
Dan Kramer
Patric Valentine
Elena Giordano

Team #5 - Oct. 21st. Conference Final

Debbie Chou, Captain
Patrick Paredes
Jay Giacomazzo
Andrew Oliphant
Will Hanza

Team #6 - Oct. 22nd, Conference final

Pony ma, captain
Willie Chen
Dave Bunting
Vinnie Imbasciani
Neil Devlin
Allie Longworth

Team #7 - Oct. 21st, Conference Final

Ben Simborski, captain
Carsten Vogel
Frank Fussa
Matt Mozo
Natalia McCarty
Lou Valentine

Team #8 - Oct, 22nd, Conference Final

Jay Sharp, captain
Pete Macy
Paul Hickey
Siraj Bhadsavle
Nathan Grant

Team #9 - Oct. 21st, Conference Final

Phil Christensen, captain
Wayan Zoey
Mike Braff
Kyle Blackman
Michael Canahuate

Captains are Announced!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are proud to introduce the coaches of New York Band Draft 2011 (depending on numbers we may add another captain (the numbers are jumping fast!!!)). Here are the esteemed musicians we have charged with Captains’ responsibilities for our upcoming events:

1) Phil Christensen
2) Debbie Chou
3) Brad Crosby
4) Pony Ma
5) Thomas Mann
6) Susan Potoroka
7) Evan Schwartz
8) Jay Sharp
9) Ben Simborski

New York Band Draft Night Kicks Off this Saturday Night at 8pm!!!!!!

This year’s draft night will be held at Freddy’s Backroom and Bar at 8pm. If you don’t know Freddy’s you are in for a treat! Esquire magazine voted Freddy’s one of the best bars in America and Time Out NY said, “It’s possible that Freddy’s is as near a perfect saloon experience as you’ll ever encounter.”

Freddy’s Bar, 627 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. between 17th and 18th street.
Subway: R to Prospect Avenue in Brooklyn
Bus: B63 to 5th Ave & Prospect Ave

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Registration Deadline Extended AND you're going to look great on film!

We are happy to make the following announcements! First, the registration deadline has been extended, tell your friends! Second, video and audio recording of all NYBD 2011 events will be provided by our awesome friends and sponsors, Mannequin Mobile Media! Thanks!