Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NYBD Super Bowl Event This Saturday, Oct 16th, 7:30 @ Fontana's

You've Been Band Drafted!

Why: The Inaugural NEW YORK BAND DRAFT Competition
When: Saturday, Oct. 16, 7:30pm
Where: Fontana's (fontanasnyc.com), on Eldridge between Broome and Grand
...How much?: $8

Fifty-four years ago everyone liked jazz. Then Elvis came along and
rock'n'roll has reigned supreme ever since. But on Saturday, everyone
will go back to exclusively liking jazz again. Why is rock'n'roll

If you're not familiar with what Band Draft is, imagine uprooting a
bunch of local "musicians," reducing them to humiliating data points
and auctioning them off like frightened steer to despotic "captains."
The resultant "bands" are then charged with spending four weeks coming
up with a decent name, writing two original songs and performing a
cover song in such a way that its inspiration isn't forever ruined in
the minds of the voting audience.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to be a member of that voting audience.

It'll be a blast. You show up at Fontana's at 7:30pm, pay $8 to get in
and then spend the entire evening saying uncharitable things about the
terrible dross you're being subjected to. At the end, around 11pm, you
get to cast your vote on the band you found least offensive, based on
whatever random criteria you come up with.

It's going to be filmed for a TV pilot, so don't be afraid to share
your two cents with America.

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