Friday, October 22, 2010

Final Captain's Log: The Yokos

         When Anne asked me to be one of the captains for the Band Draft, I don't think I fully realized what it entails to be a captain.  In hindsight, there were many others that were far more qualified than I was, but that's sometime how the dice rolls.  Luckily though, whatever my shortcomings were, my really wonderfully talented team mates made up for them.  Thank you Matt and Scott for many creative input in song structures and arrangements as well as comedic banter which made practices very enjoyable.  Thank you Amanda for keeping the beat going when we were stuck.  Thank you Howard and James for song ideas and the styles that set the over all mood for the Yokos.  Winning the Band Draft felt really good but acquiring new friends was even better. 
          As for the future of the Yokos, we are aiming for Madison Square Garden.  Billy Joel holds the record for Most Consecutive Nights Ever Sold, so we are planning on breaking his records.
Yay, the Yokos!

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