NYBD for Newbie's

Hello NYBD Newbie’s!!!!!!!!

If you are reading this it is likely that you are considering participating in New York Band Draft 2011. Here is some information that will be important for you in making that decision. Please read it all before you make any decisions!

What we do in a nutshell:

The New York Band Draft is a musician’s social event that combines elements of Fantasy Football with your typical Battle of the Bands to encourage the creation of new friendships and new music. Here’s how it’s done:

1) Musicians (that’s you) from an extended network of friends are asked to commit to five weeks of intense musical creation. There is a $10 registration fee and you get a very nice T-Shirt for that. ALL proceeds go to the prize package.

2) The essence of each participant is reduced and presented in a statistics slide for each musician, similar to those of NFL stats. Slides include what instruments you play, for how long you’ve been playing, current and past bands you’ve been in, and who your influences are.

3) Captains, chosen by The Commission, study these musicians’ stat slides and assemble their dream teams according to one very important ruleàNo team shall contain players who are currently in musical projects together.

4) Captains then draft their teams at a very emotional and exciting “Draft Night.” Since not even the captains know who they will actually be lucky enough to draft, everyone meets their newly formed bands on this night. Trust me, it’s an awesome night of energy.

5) Teams are then given 30 days to write two original songs and chose one cover song to perform at a competition. This year, we have two “conferences” or “leagues” that will run simultaneously. Winners will be chosen based on a not so complicated process which takes into account the audience’s opinion and three judges opinions as to which band is the best.

6) The two teams that win each respective conference will then be given another week to achieve some additional goals before meeting for a night of competitive, creative rock and roll awesomeness which we call the NYBD Super Bowl.

7) The winners of this event takes home a cash prize (last year it was $750.00 but his year we plan to raise about twice that amount) as well as other prizes including a recording session at a fully equipped recording studio, a photo shoot from a professional photographer, and a bunch of swag from our sponsors.  


            It is very important that you be serious about your commitment to us. A lot of people are counting on you if you commit! There are five important dates that you must be aware of, and three of those dates require your attendance. You must be available for all of the dates in red if you are to commit to NYBD 2011.

Registration Deadline:

Friday, September 9th via e-mail

We ask that participants register by September 9th to assure that the commission has enough time to accommodate you. The registration fee is ten dollars that you are asked to give to us by Draft Night. You must submit your stats to us by this date so that we can create your stats slide!!

New York Band Draft 2011 Draft Night, Freddy’s Bar, Brooklyn:

Saturday, September 24th, 8pm

While you don’t have to attend this event, we highly recommend that you do because it is too much fun! On this night you will be picked by your Captain and you will meet your new band. You don’t have to be there to get picked, but like I said, you probably don’t want to miss this.

Conference Finals, King Killer Studio, Brooklyn:

Friday October 21st and Saturday October 22nd,   8pm

You must be available on these nights!!!Because of the success of last year’s NYBD, this year we are running two simultaneous “conferences” to accommodate more people (because that’s more awesomer). Each league will have their own competition, and the winners of each league will then meet the following week for the Super Bowl. You will only play in one of these conference events depending on what conference you are drafted to which you will find out on Draft Night.

New York Band Draft 2011 Super Bowl Extravaganza, Fontana’s Bar in Manhattan:

Saturday, October 29th, 7pm (that’s the Saturday before Halloween which is going to make it awesome!)

You must be available on this night!!! At this event the two best bands from each conference will battle it out for pride, braggin’ rights, first and second place, facial discracials and…oh yeah….A TON OF COLD, HARD CASH!!!! Last year we raised nearly 800 bucks for the winning band. This year we’ve got twice the number of participants, so you do the math!!! You could be taking home some serious cashola!

A bit about how awesome we are:

-       Last year, a television production company heard about our event and decided that it might make a great reality television program. They set up shop and filmed our events and even followed around our participants for a day. With this footage they are creating a television pilot that they will shop around to the major networks. Keep your fingers crossed, you might become famous!!!

-       I think it is safe to say that EVERYONE who witnessed last year’s event was absolutely astounded at how awesome the music was. For weeks people basked in the glory of their accomplishments and that of their fellow musicians. It was a truly magical night.

-       Our event generated over 700.00 bucks and a this year we are striving to get twice that amount for the prize money!!

-       One of the bands that formed last year is still playing together and numerous friendships were formed because of NYBD.

We hope you choose to be a part of this awesome experience. If you do, please RSVP to carstendvogel@gmail.com no later than September 9th.

For more information about NYBD please visit our blog at, http://newyorkbanddraft.blogspot.com/

Commissioner Carsten