Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Captain's Log, Week One: Team Christian

        Last night, upon depositing a wiggly anus worm of the sphincter gnomes, I receieved some unexpected splashback. The sky outside the studio sounded angry on this windy and rainy evening, and as a result I was quite jumpy and "direct" in my deliverance of what I can only imagine was a perfectly sculpted honeymooner (I'm not one to admire my creations).

        When all was said and done, the guys and I had our first Band Draft band rehearsal at good ol' King Killer, which happens to be where Johnny and I rent space with our respective bands so it was nice to be home. Nate came to the realization that some of his pedals no longer work, and that he'd probably prefer to play bass for Band Draft Super Bowl. Johnny's getting over a cold and sounded like that schmuck from AC/DC (no, the other one) but still sounded really good because Johnny's not a schmuck.

        We're down from the original six guys to the remaining four guys which means tonight I realized I'm probably going to be the only one playing guitar, which was a little intimidating at first because I'm not really a lead guitarist. I would've been shitting bricks, but you already know what happened (see first paragraph).

I put on my wizard hat and take out my wand. Twenty points.

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