Sunday, October 16, 2011

Captain's Log Week 3, Prima Donner Party

Second and Third leg combo:

                                                 Much distance covered due to a solid crew committed to figuring out the final destination via hook, line, or sinker.
For instance, a little less than a fortnight ago Sweet Lou played a Neil Young / Brooklyn Basement Dirge, Handsome Frank, using his past skills as a Construcion Laborer of the Island de Long, hammer-fucked a 4 on the floor snare with a 2 X 4, while JackSUNville Moz slithered and slipped his way into the groove swamp style, but with enough clarity to hear, find, and see his fellow northern bed buddies Lenard Skinard's remains through the thickets of Gillsburg, Mississippi on 10/20/77 based on a DMT Trip he took in 09' that brought him there  - it was only a 5 minute trip, but worth it. Look what he came up with. The only lass on this crew, Our Virgin Whore added some sexy, delicioso ah's, whoos, and Heartbreaks. She's our Cherry-on-Top without the busted nut yall.' Finally, Hardcore Melody Maker Carstov made a case for Big Baby to abandon ship with his hampered white soul R an' B / Weiland Shoonnanigans and get it on with some street rock - a flavor that's hard to acquire these days due to the many Starfucks, American Are-Sterilz, and Bed, Bath, and Beyonce's Bed Bugs that have long since replaced solid state street whores, flop houses, and a switch blade or two my jigga - REGARDLESS - it is a direction that fits even if it is a vintage voice that's hard to find - shopper's beware. Soho anyone?

                                                 WHO will we be mimicing, honoring, or pissing on? That is the question that still lingers aboard this ship. The Namesake, The Prima Donner Party came easy via democracy y voting. This other thing, this Moby Dick of a Whale, this Old Man and the Sea Struggle is much more difficult to navigate around with the Sands of Time 80% full as of tonight. If we had more sea time before our arrival at Kingdom Killer Entities in Broken Land perhaps we could have gone with an Africa's Toto, a Mick Fleetwood's and John Macvie's brand name tune, a Christopher Cross Spirtual like Sailing, a Gloria DD'd Patti chant, an Gee n' Are driven tale paying homage to the Babylon City or Sweet Daughter or Yours golden years, a Sentimental Jerney by Bob Welch de Gape Juicce, any of those. BUT ALAS, we DO have some gems here to scrounge through tomorrow - worldwide known gems that could, should and shall raise the level of human consciousness to a degree of bliss for 4 or 5 minutes - just like DMT............

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