Saturday, October 15, 2011

Captain Log Week 2, Daz KEGELZ!

Captain's Log, "Daz KEGELZ!", Week 2
    You know, while studying NYBD stats sheet and scanning draftee photos, I thought I was getting a teddy bear in Joe Haines.  Turns out that the guy is as straight as a frickin' arrow!!  Talk about false advertising...sheesh.
    Anyhoo...surely you can imagine the challenges in the process of writing 2.5 songs in 3.5 weeks with five specimens of vast influences, under vast influences, of different approaches, philosophies, even different generations, who have come together in a very unnatural way (you should all try it sometime!).
    However, as rehearsal discussions flow from size 30G bras to the unexpected, yet very real fear of almost getting murdered by rural Russian drug manufacturers, we have, among all our differences, discovered some common ground.  And that would be a strong appreciation of the benefits, the pleasure - and potential DANGER - of a robust muscular system.
    And so, with this, I introduce to you, "Daz  KEGELZ!"   Come experience the asphyxiation of our iron-clad grip!  Do YOU have the BALLS to enter?!?
    Beagles, bagels, /KEE-gulz/, /KAY-gulz/.....we honestly don't give a sh*t HOW you pronounce it, just as long as we hear you screaming our name on OCTOBER 21 at King Killer Studios, bringing
us one step closer to FONTANA's on October 29!!!

   Yours grippingly,

   ~ Daz KEGELZ! ~ 

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