Sunday, October 2, 2011

Captain's Log Week 1, Ben

Aye Aye mates, as we ship away into week number 1 of ye captain's blog can you imagine what it will sound like, or (depending on the weather) look like in four weeks? Who knows at this stage of the course........No idea, except that the ideas can come and come they did tonight. Set sail with a game plan to perhaps model our sound after _________ _______ , _____ ____ _____, and *&%, with a hearty dose of blank and blank.............actually tasted that sound tonight, with starting chords, progressions, and little licks going round the sphere of Team #7 - what a precious little motley crew bouncing sounds around......even Handsome Frank abandoned his bread and butter to join us tonight - a full house indeed - 6 in all, packed to the gills with aspirations of Helody and Marmony with a dose of balls deep dark meat. After the Sabbath, we land at The Volger Hamstead in Old Norweigia to head up a meeting of the minds yet again - May we make peace with whatever lightening we are attempting to catch..........The sand is pouring on ye hour with a heavy hand......

           - Captain Molly HatchIt

Benjy Simborski

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