Sunday, October 2, 2011

Captain's Log Week 1, Susan

October 1, 2011

     If there were a NYBD prize for eye candy, such as "Band with the Cutest Boys", we'd totally have that one in the bag.  But it's not about that.  It's an institution where Keith Richards and G.G. Allin and and Joey Ramone - and even Lyle Lovett - have had their days in the spotlight.  So I guess this topic can be shelved for now and re-addressed during America's Next Top Model, Male Rockstar Edition.  New York Band Draft *is*, in fact, about rocking out (tho' not with our c*cks out...yet) and THAT we definitely started to do within 48 hours of Draft Night.

     Although each broke drastically enroute to Freddy's that fateful night, those glittery ruby platform disco slippers truly brought me enough luck to draw #3, which, in turn, allowed me to draft the most talented, cooperative, respectful and witty bandmates I could've ever hoped for!  Kind of like getting shat on by a bird.

     A few weeks ago I could've been quoted as saying that I don't care about the competition element.  I don't really care about winning, just as long as we do our best and there's some personal growth. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.......  Yeah.  F*ck all that.  I've evicted Pollyana from my physical vessel and now I want to win.

     We have a bandmate that appears to be able to fix anything = guitar tech / bass tech / amp tech.  We also have one that believes that 440 tuning promotes brainwashing and therefore tunes everything to 442.  We have one that's willing to drive 2.5 hours one-way to rehearsal....oh, wait - that's all the same guy.  Two group decisions that I feared would be the most difficult to reach, now seem that they'll slide down quite easily -- the enteric-coated pills of "Band #3".  We haven't yet chosen a name for our band, but have tossed around a few ideas that have almost brought me to tears of joy.

    These men are spewing out tasty licks left and right.  If I may offer an anonymous quote from rehearsal, "This is the kind of riff that would give you Herpes in Williamsburg"....and that, I trust, is a promising sign from the rock gods!


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