Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Captains Log, Week 1: Team Mikey

        Well folks, with two practices down it is safe to say that our team is progressing rapidly.  Today I taught Doug how to re-string and tune his guitar, so he is just about ready to go for it and learn to play the guitar, finally.  Carsten has told me about a few of his psychological problems.  I've given him the number of my therapist, she's great at alleviating any 'mommy issues' that one might have.  Obie was a bit, "under the weather", today, so I ran out to the dollar store and bought him some new clean underwear.  Crisis averted.

     Yesterday, our first day of practice, was also exciting.  At first it seemed that Dan was playing out of rhythm, but once we removed the stick up his ass everything seemed to flow normally.  I have fired a band member, though.  Ryan told me that he and his wife were considering aborting their first child because it would interfere with the creative process involved with starting a new band for the band draft.  I told him that it was this sort of rash decision that was undermining the moral fabric of this country.  Then I fired him and told him to raise that child to be an astronaut or a baseball player one day.

Mikey D

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