Monday, September 20, 2010



           There have been some important developments regarding practice space. First of all and probably most important, THE BAN ON PERSONAL STUDIO SPACE HAS BEEN LIFTED. The reasons for this are many but basically, it's just going to be too complicated to get everyone to share just one space. So, have at it all of you home studio junkies. Also, as before, you can rent rehearsal space as you wish.

           Secondly, The Commission and the awesome people at King Killer Studios  have been working on how we will organize the donated rehearsal time and here is what we have come up with.

           King Killer Studios has an hourly rehearsal studio that they have agreed to donate time from. The calendar/schedule for that room is going to be shared with you by Dave, one of the owners from King Killer. It is a google calendar so you will need a google account to access it. You will receive an invite to the calendar by e-mail soon. Join the calendar and you will be able to view what time slots are available. THIS IS JUST FOR YOU TO LOOK AT TO SEE AVAILABILITY.  DO NOT TRY TO BLOCK OUT SPACE ON THE CALENDAR DIRECTLY.

           Any slots that appear available on the calendar that you wish to have will be assigned to you upon request, subject to availability. Please submit requests for your rehearsal times as soon as possible to Commission will take charge of calling King Killer and booking the space for you in a fair fashion so that all bands receive an equal amount of free rehearsals. You will be notified if your slot is available and booked.

            The King Killer Studios practice space has a P.A., drum kit, a bass rig, and at least one guitar amp. You need to bring everything else including snare drums and cymbals (they might have some cymbals). PLEASE TREAT ALL OF THIS GEAR WITH RESPECT AND LEAVE THE ROOM BETTER THAN YOU FOUND IT!

             Lastly, I believe that every team has a King Killer key holder on it except for Adrian. So, Adrian, you will have to contact one of The Commissioners to let you in on your scheduled rehearsals at King Killer.

A big thanks to Dave and King Killer Studios for being so generous and supporting New York Band Draft. Please support their establishment by spreading the word about their business and using them as your rehearsal space in the future.


Commissioner Carsten

King Killer Studios

69 2nd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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