Monday, September 20, 2010

Official Teams of NYBD 2010

          Thank you everyone for making last Saturday a very fun event. I'm Fired Up! Let's get down to business though. The Captains should be organizing rehearsal times and submitting schedules to The Commission as soon as possible. Captains must submit schedules to The Commission even if their bands are not using the donated rehearsal time at the King Killer Studio because the film crews might be dropping in on you. 

          Below is the official record of the teams that were chosen on Draft Night. Player trades at this point are discouraged and unlikely to be granted so get used to the people on your team. Captains, if you need help getting in touch with anyone on your team, speak with a Commission member and we will get you some contact info. Have a great time!


Matt Brundrett
Anne Morgan
Mary Ann Paredes
Pony Ma

Howard Stock
Scott Zillitto
Amanda Cantrell
Matt Carlson
James Roe

Jamie Zillitto
Matt Cole
Brad Crosby
Evan Schwartz

Patrick Paredes
Evan Cohen
Kyle Blackman
Willie Chen

Victoria Wagner
Jay Giacomazzo
Ryan McNeil

Mike Braff

Johnny Lowe
Trevor Earth
Nate Donlop
Rory Adair
Krisana Soponpong

Obie Savage
Carsten Vogel
Ryan Havers
Doug Cote
Dan Falt

Let the games begin!!!!!

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