Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hope you all are having a great summer,
but now its time to get down to business!

Right now we need to get your statistics, some of you already sent them in, but we added a couple to make it interesting.
Note: when sending in your stats being a wise-ass is strongly encouraged

Pseudonyms (nicknames):
Current Bands:
Former Bands:
Skills (your special talents):
Music Likes:
Music Dislikes: (this is so our particularly sadistic team coaches can put the hurt on you)
Home (address, neighborhood, mental state...):
Availability (i.e. when are the best time for you rock): mine is just after tea time

Also send in a picture of yourself,
we'd prefer an actual pic of your pretty widdle face, rather than a crude drawing of a tattoo design you made in middle school.
Lastly we need your t-shirt size for your commemorative NYBD t-shirt

Please please please join our facebook group "NYC Band Draft" if you look at the photo albums there you'll see our first stat page.
The sooner you send in your stats the sooner you'll get the Hollywood treatment too and the sooner you can start talking shit to your fellow players.

In other news we will also be keeping up a blog for you guys to follow.
It will have all the latest news and info, interviews, pics, video whatever
Check it out here: newyorkbanddraft.blogspot.com

I'd like to thank our sponsors so far,
"NutHouse Studios" for donating some recording time
"KingKiller Studios" for donating some rehearsal time
"Made Cheap" for giving us a good deal on the official NYBD t-shirts.

As always with love
-Your Mom

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