Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So if you've made it this far I've gotten past your spam filter, WAIT!, keep reading this isn't spam, really.
The gang over at the Bread Factory and NutHouse Studios has handpicked
YOU to be invited to the first ever NYC band draft.

What is NYBD?
(N)ew (Y)ork (B)and (D)raft is a sports style "draft" where teams of musicians are picked by a team leader/coach to participate in a new project, which will then perform 2 original songs ("original" as in no pre-written songs from when you were 13 years old in your momma's basement) and 1 cover. The band that gets the most votes from their peers (your fellow draftees) wins the prize and most of all the glory!

What do I have to do?
First, is show up and play! Really it's just one date you have to keep and that's competition day, practices and songs are b/t you and your team to sort out. There is a draft night but we'll get to that later.
Second, is to be available for the Draft Committee to snap your photo(or send us a photo) and take your stats (or we'll stat them for you) so you can be entered into the draft.
What are stats?
take mine for example:

Patrick "
Hummingbird" Paredes
Instrument(s): Drums, Bass
Former team(s): Don't Stop, Mixed Art Foundation
Current team(s): Condo, The Rakehells,
Other skills: makes instruments using spare parts and trash, looks
real pretty in drag

Third, is kick in some cash, none of the money goes to the draft committee. All of it goes to the friendly personnel at the venues who do sound & keep out the riff-raff. The rest plus the door take at the championship show goes to the prize pot for the championship winner. So quit your bitching, it's only 10 bucks and you get a commemorative T-shirt!

How's it work?
Once the musician's pool is together the
team leaders will start forming their dream teams on paper. Then on draft night the leaders and as many of the players that can attend, will be picked in round by round style to different teams.
This year's band draft night is at Hank's Saloon on Sept. 18th, 2010.
There'll be a big screen, an announcer, demonstrations of musicality, basically like a sports draft but with way more booze.
One month later... each team will play 3 songs (2 new 1 cover) for the other players and anyone else that wants to come party. There will be judges to give some color commentary but the winner will be decided by player's ballot, with a special prize for best cover.
This year's NYBD competition is at Fontana's on Oct. 16th 2010.

So! If your interested, just send a "hell yes!" to this email address and we'll put you in the game.

May the best band win!

-Patrick, Vice President Player Selection Committee

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